Gin company to the rescue!

I sponsor and host an HR networking group called the Talent and People Alliance. At the last meeting, Unique Senior Health Care shared their concerns about the shortage of hand sanitiser and the potential problems this could have on their business as well as the care they provide to clients. In light of this potential issue, I later contacted the owner of Warwickshire Gin who I know through my children’s school. He rose to the challenge and is now producing a range of sanitisers! The labels were designed and printed by another contact. It goes to show the power of networking and how we should all help one another, especially in these turbulent and worrying times.

If you need any sanitiser or gin have a look at their website:

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Mum’s 100th Birthday!

Yesterday would have been my mum’s 100th birthday but sadly she died 27 years ago. She was understandably in my thoughts and on my mind all day. She was very spiritual and often mentioned how a white feather symbolised a message from a departed loved one. We were all shocked when a pigeon plummeted to its death in the garden, narrowly missing my daughter! It came down with such force it made a dent in the earth! Could this be a sign from my mum? I have researched it and maybe it could symbolise her concern over the turbulent and difficult times we are in and how we have to adapt our lives and work to survive and emerge stronger and thrive.

Me and my lovely mum!

Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times

This is undoubtedly a hot topic, as we had over 20 members attend yesterday’s meeting to hear Sarah Brewster talk about Employee Engagement in these turbulent times.  There was a lot of lively discussions, exchange of ideas and suggestions.

Thanks to Unique Senior Care for hosting the meeting at their Training Centre in beautiful rural Stratford upon Avon.

We are now busy arranging the next meeting which will be in the coming Autumn.

If you are an HR professional and would like to join this free HR networking group, which was established in 1978, please call me on 07771 686077.

Sue Bradnock, Phil Maundrill (MD of Unique Senior Care) and Sarah Brewster.

Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times

I organise a local HR networking group called, the Talent and People Alliance, and it can trace its origins back to 1978!
At the last meeting, members expressed their concerns about whether once Brexit is finally sorted that they may see more employees leave and what Employee Engagement strategies could they implement to address this issue. As a result of this request, the next meeting on 10 July is about Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times and our speaker is Sarah Brewster, Organisation Design and Development Consultant.

This session will give you an opportunity to share your challenges and good practice in relation to employee engagement in your organisation.
Sarah will offer a brief overview of the science behind employee engagement: she will take you through some of the latest research into why it matters, particularly in times of uncertainty and change. With the Brexit news in such an uncertain and turbulent state, we will look at what we can do to calm the waters, as well as helping the business continue to engage staff who may be feeling concerned about where their future may lie. The session will also showcase some of the latest tools on the market that can help you track engagement. And, finally, it will give you some practical steps to take away from the day to help frame the conversations you have with the business.

If you are an HR professional and would like to join the group and attend this meeting,  please contact me, Sue Bradnock,  on 07771 686077.

Talent and People Alliance Meeting – Brexit’s impact on HR

Yemi Alli and Alison Field from Alsters Kelley Solicitors Ltd, with Talent and People Alliance organiser, Sue Bradnock, SVB Solutions.

The recent Talent and People Alliance meeting was kindly hosted by Alsters Kelley Solicitors Ltd at their Leamington office.  It was a very interactive and lively meeting as HR professionals from different sectors e.g. insurance, legal, manufacturing, logistics, engineering -debated and shared information and issues common across all industries, in these turbulent and unsettled times.  Yemi Alli who specialises in Immigration was informative and gave advice and guidance.

If you are an in-house HR professional in Coventry and Warwickshire and would like to join this free HR networking group, which was established in 1978, please call Sue on 07771 686077

Brexit ‘s Impact on Immigration and HR

When we booked our speaker for the next Talent and People Alliance meeting on 5th April, we thought that we would have left the EU. The meeting is still going ahead to discuss the impact this will have on HR. If you are an in-house HR professional and would like to join this free HR networking group please call me on 07771 686077

Raising Awareness of Mental Health in the Work Place

The recent meeting of the Talent and People Alliance Group had an excellent attendance – lots of exchanges of information and sharing of experiences.

The speakers, Lisa Whittleton and Emily van de Venter, were engaging speakers and encouraged interaction and group discussions.

The meeting was kindly hosted at BakerHicks modern new office in Warwick and the facilities were state of the art. The latest technology and audio-visual equipment were much admired and appreciated!

Speakers: Emily and Lisa

Alison Smart, HR Manager at BakerHicks, and organiser, Sue Bradnock, SVB Solutions.

HR professionals from different sectors openly shared their knowledge and experiences.

Overall the event was a great success and very eye-opening to see the extent of how mental health impacts each individual workplace and organisation. The next event will be in the coming spring; it was wonderful to welcome new members to the group.

If you are an HR professional and wish to join Talent and People Alliance, please contact Sue on 07771 686077

Mental Health in your Workplace

If you are an in-house HR professional based in Coventry and Warwickshire and interested in joining the Talent and People Alliance, which I organise, then please contact me on 07771 686077.

The next meeting  on 16 November is about:

Raising awareness to proactively support mental ill health within your organisation.

Did you know that;

Over £70 billion is the estimated costs to the UK’s economy as a result of mental health each year?

Or that over  £29 billion is the estimated cost due to absenteeism to UK businesses per year?

And 25% of the population experience mental health problems each year?

There is a growing awareness of Mental Health in the workplace, but stigmas do still exist and businesses are only just starting to tackle the challenge of improving how they cope with the impact of poor mental health amongst their workforce.

By effectively supporting the mental wellbeing of their staff, businesses will have a  happier, engaged and thriving workforce – contributing to continued growth and success.

In this interactive session Lisa Whittleton, Director at Illuminate VR Services Ltd, will raise awareness of mental health generally: providing insight into the impact of mental ill health within UK businesses. The session will include discussions around some of the barriers faced by organisations and how to best overcome them. There will be time to ask questions relating to your workplace and for sharing of best practice, enabling you to take away some actions on next steps and leave feeling better equipped to support mental wellbeing within your company.

Coventry and Warwickshire Champions

Coventry and Warwickshire Champions meet every quarter at different venues and today it was at the historic St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry.  It seemed very apt to have a meeting of local business people here, as this medieval building was built for merchants of the city to meet! Breakfast was served in the Undercroft which is an amazing venue hidden in the heart of Coventry.

This morning the speakers were from City of Culture 2021; London EV Company and David Moorcroft who spoke about Coventry City of Sport 2019.

The Champions motto is “Tell someone something good about Coventry and Warwickshire” – so I am!  Lots happening in this vibrant part of middle England!

Next meeting is at NAEC Stoneleigh Park on 21 November.  Have a look at the website for more details:

Delighted to be of assistance!

Received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and champagne today, from a candidate I have just placed.

What was even nicer was the lovely card:

Dear Sue

Your help and support has not gone unnoticed.  You have been a source of encouragement and motivation for me at a much needed time.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you.


I feel privileged to be able to assist candidates with their career development and at the same time helping companies fulfil their recruitment requirements.  I love to bask in reflected glory, when I see how their careers thrive and their new employer is delighted with their progress and the contribution made to the company’s success.